Wednesday, May 27, 2009

That's Better

Sometimes, a little muscle flex is all you need.

Statistically I didn't expect the Cardinals to lose all 18 games to Milwaukee this season, but after losing 4 straight you begin to wonder.

Wainwright turned in his third straight strong start. It's nice to see him get his strike zone under control. First 7 starts: 21 BB, 33 K, Last 3: 5 BB, 23 K. Also, it's nice to see him start to dominate again. First 7 starts: ERA 4.35, WPA -0.11. Last 3: ERA 1.14, WPA 0.89.

Today we're treated to Todd Wellemeyer vs. Manny Parra. Parra's well rested, after only lasting 10 outs against Minnesota his last time out and surrendering 8 ER. That was a reversion to his April form (when he stunk up the joint for both the Brewers and my mixed-league fantasy team, thanks a lot bozo), and I hope it continues for one more start at least. Wellemeyer is coming off his best start of the year, but the good ones have been the exception rather than the norm for him this season. I'll keep my fingers crossed.

Programming note: I'm hosting the UCB radio hour tonight. 2230 EDT, 2130 CDT, 1930 PDT. Feel free to dial in or chat with us! We will have Mr. Rob Rains on the program to start; he is the author of a new book on Tony LaRussa titled Tony LaRussa: Man on a Mission. After the interview the normal hilarity will ensue.

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