Tuesday, February 03, 2009

More MLB Crap for your Office/Sanctuary

One of the things you discover about kids is they are the consumers that drive the economic wheel. Especially young kids; they grow so fast you seem to be constantly buying new clothes for them. Not to mention all the things they need to be safe and comfortable (diapers, various kinds of baby wipes and powders, medicine, tylenol/oralgel for teething, food, and so on).

Kids are also a blank canvas on which to place all the things you like (and some of your hates and fears, although any responsible parent (like me) tries to minimize the damage there). Like, say, sports teams.

Well, Pottery Barn isn't dumb. The Pottery Barn Kids catalog arrived in the mail yesterday, with this photo on the cover:

Looks like Pottery Barn has joined the MLB family of merchandise outlets. Let's see what they've got for sale, shall we?

Well among other things (mostly bedding), they had these throw pillows on sale, although not actually called a pillow:

This is a kids store, but good grief there's some wierdness going on here.

- Since when are the White Sox represented by a Dinosaur?

- What the hell is that thing underneath the Indians hat? looks like a yam with bad acne.

- Apparently the Angels (how are angels not kid-cute?), Braves (a brave is a child - no one can draw a child Indian in Atlanta?), Cubs (at least they included a bear), Yankees (I guess a drunk fan shouting obscenities didn't make the cut), Giants (Paul Bunyan not available?), Dodgers (too busy scrounging nickels to sign Manny to include a surfer dude?), and Padres (where's the Friar?!?) couldn't be bothered to come up with a cutsie character for the sham.

- A Diamondback is a snake (or a bike), but there's a cat on that pillow?

- Is the Nationals character a bald eagle, or a chicken? Bald eagle would obviously fit the team in our national capital, and a chicken would obviously fit the actual team.

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