Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Charlie Manuel's Dilemma

Well the weather washed out all hope of playing yesterday. Today's forecast (20% chance of rain, high in the mid-40s, but a pleasant low of 30 is forecast for tonight) bodes better for Game 5 to be completed.

MLB has scheduled a 8:37 EDT start time for the last 3 and a half innings of the game.

One of the points made after Monday's game was suspended revolved around Cole Hamels. The Rays could rightly take solace from the fact that they faced down Hamels and were tied when the game 'ended', meaning they'd faced him for the last time in this series. And I agreed with that.

The pitching matchups for Games 6 and 7 favor Tampa Bay. Shields against Myers in Game 6; Garza vs Moyer in Game 7. Not to mention home field advantage.

But that analysis occured before the entire series had to be shifted to the right one day due to yesterday's rainout. Now, moving a potential Game 7 to Friday means Hamels would be available on 3 days rest. So I ask you: If you are Charlie Manuel, do you leave your rotation as is, or do you bump someone in favor of Hamels starting Game 7 ? And if you do pencil Hamels in for a Friday start, who do you bump?

Short post - my quarterly management team is in progress this week (the team spans the country - literally), so off to the telecon!

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