Tuesday, September 09, 2008

On Hiatus

There's no cool way to say this.

I've missed the last two United Cardinal Blogger projects, one I really wanted to do (who are the 4 Cardinals you'd like to have dinner with and why), one I Really REALLY wanted to do (top 7 Cardinal minor leaguers). I've felt like my writing has slipped somewhat; I've only got about an hour to do research and write, so everything is rushed, and I'm getting lazy. If you can be lazy when you're rushing around.

But what's really driving this is I'm at the end of another academic quarter. The coursework hasn't been difficult, but there's a lot of it. My team is doing final preps for our presentation in a week in the one class, and the other will be posting the final on 19 Sept.

What am I saying? What the title of this post implies. I'm going to take some time off to focus on my courses. I hope to be posting again before the end of the season. I probably won't post again until after 21 Sept.

All this as the Cubs roll into town for their last series of the season. Ugh.


chetthejet said...

The school bell ringeth, so take care of business. I dig.

Just so long as you come back during recess.

And when school's out, we'll expect you back on the sandlot.

Don't make me come look for you.

Good luck in class.

Cardinal70 said...

Did miss you on the last UCBs, though it's totally understandable. Real life sucks sometimes, but it has to come first.

We are going to start talking about the September UCB discussion project (I'm writing the e-mail right now). If we push it back past the 21st, you interested?

Pitchers Hit Eighth said...

Hope to see you back soon...

Deaner said...

I've gathered from reading your post that you are probably in grad school. I completely understand... I just finished 6 years of grad school. Good Luck!

Sully said...

Would love to get your take on my strange dislike for Tony LaRussa

I'm a TV producer/comic/Red Sox fan who keeps a blog about all teams
Hope you like it

Actually I make the case for LaRussa the Hall of Famer in this post

But would love to hear a Cardinals fan take