Friday, February 29, 2008

Has it really been 2 weeks?!?

Seems like just yesterday pitchers/catchers were reporting. Oh, well.

Some quick thoughts as I try to get back into a regular posting schedule:

Speizio - What a sad, sad soap opera his life has turned into. I hope he gets the help he needs to get his life back on track. His baseball career is over, in my opinion. But Scott - you've got 3 kids you need to worry about, protect, and take care of. Fix yourself so you can do that well.

Rolen - Spoke with reporters but refused to bad mouth LaRussa. Rolen's been pretty consistent on that; not wanting to speak about issues he classified this week as 'personal' between himself and his former manager. I applaud that; what purpose does it serve to continue the acrimony when you've finally escaped it? His comments to the Post Dispatch this week didn't make LaRussa look good, though - especially if the manager let a personal issue with his third baseman start to cloud his professional judgement.

Reyes - Apparently threw well in yesterday's exhibition opener. I was quite happy to see the Cardinals not jettison him this past off-season. I know he's done well in spring training in previous years, and then not performed up to expectations in the regular season; I hope this year is different. We need him in the rotation, especially after the news that Clement won't be ready by opening day (which surprised me, as well as lots of folks in the Cardinal blog-o-sphere).

Hope you have a pleasant weekend.

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Cardinal70 said...

I really am surprised that they didn't move Reyes, but I'm glad that it didn't happen. (Apparently they tried to send him in the Edmonds deal, but couldn't get anything to work out.)

Rolen's always been the classy one in the argument.

Baseball's back!