Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Start collecting those cans

Tomo Ohka? We signed Tomo Ohka?

I'll bet Walt Jocketty feels like a buyer at Kobey's swap meet. Or like he's pushing a shopping cart around the streets of St Louis ransacking trash bins for aluminum cans and bottles.

We signed Tomo Ohka?

Remember, he was designated for assignment by the Blue Jays. Toronto is only slightly more dysfunctional than the Rangers, if you've been following along on line. Toronto is the group of Canadian knuckleheads who tried to get B.J Ryan to pitch when he needed Tommy John surgery earlier this year - and then lied about his actual injury status for 2 months.

We signed Tomo Ohka?

Granted - our rotation isn't very pretty (Wainwright, Reyes, Wellmeyer, Thompson, F-in Wells). And I whole-heartedly agree with Larry Borowsky's analysis on Monday. Who should we have signed? Marquis? He had worn out his welcome and no longer gave a shit in St Louis. Suppan? Too pricey at $10 mil per (which we wouldn't pay Carpenter) Weaver? - seen his ERA this year (north of 10.00) Tejeda? Only a member of the worst starting staff in the Majors (all 5 Ranger starters are available in my fantasy league, and you'd have to be REALLY desperate for wins/innings to pick one of them up). Padilla? See above. Eaton? One good year does not a $8 million dollar pitcher make. and so on.

Fact is, Carpenter going down and F-in Wells being much, MUCH worse than advertised has really hurt this club. Signing Ohka really emphasizes how desperate the starting pitching situation is. At least (a) they're not paying the majority of his contract, and (b) he has 2 weeks to get himself squared away or the club releases him.

Anyone else think Ryan Franklin should get a shot? The club is 6 under .500 and currently dead in the water. Why save Franklin for the end of the game when you so rarely get to the end with a lead to protect?

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